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 Hospital says stillborns can't be called 'angels'

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Totally Addicted

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Hospital says stillborns can't be called 'angels' Empty
PostSubject: Hospital says stillborns can't be called 'angels'   Hospital says stillborns can't be called 'angels' EmptyJune 23rd 2010, 1:16 pm

A UK hospital has told a support group not to call stillborn babies 'angels' as the word has religious connotations and may offend some people.

The Whisperer group have donated 'New Angel Mum' bags, containing announcement cards for the arrival of an 'angel baby' and a handwritten letter addressed to the new 'angel parents,' to Colchester General Hospital.

The group is outraged and angry at the hospital's request to use a word other than 'angel,' The Daily Mail reported.

"The word angel is not meant to have a religious sense whatsoever," said the founder of the group, Michelle Taylor.

"It is just a word we call our children when we lose them.

"It is a beautiful word and it fits perfectly."

Whisperer members are also upset at hospital staff who opened the packs, despite the fact that they had been approved by midwives who specialise in stillbirths.

The hospital has defended their stance on the matter.

"Not all religions believe in angels and secular people certainly do not," said senior midwife Jenny Collins, from Colchester Hospital University NHS Trust.

"We did open the envelopes because we did not know what they contained and while we are offering the bags on behalf of Whisperer, it is essential that the trust is happy with all of their contents.

"Our suggestion was to simply use 'parent' which we feel is a word that will be acceptable to all parents."
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Hospital says stillborns can't be called 'angels' Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hospital says stillborns can't be called 'angels'   Hospital says stillborns can't be called 'angels' EmptyJune 23rd 2010, 2:34 pm

OMG that isnt right. I have only ever known "stillborns" as "angel babies" that have gone too soon. Be sensitive yes but allow support to these people and i think the bags are great ideas. New mums here get the bags and they are awesome but mums to angel babies should be allowed them too
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Hospital says stillborns can't be called 'angels'
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